Hi. I'm Ashleigh, and I love climbing over theatre seats.


There's no better feeling than the ache of muscles after running around a theatre for two hours: balancing on railings, lying stretched out on the stage, and climbing seats —all for the perfect shot.


It started when I was 12 with a Nikon Coolpix digital camera. I don't remember a moment during rehearsals for the school play where I didn't take pictures. I was known as the "girl with the camera", and though I'm sure that made me an outcast in some respects, I embraced it.


In high school, I was elected my Thespian troupe's historian. I was at every single function and, well, in everyone's face capturing moments of joy, laughter, love, and celebration onstage and quiet preparation, mischief, and concentration backstage. During undergrad, I documented moments with friends at parties, social outings, and tech rehearsals. Then, after grad school, I saw an opportunity to blend my love for theatre and photography, and because I've spent most of my life in the theatre, I jumped at the chance.


For me, theatre is rich storytelling that guides audiences through a tapestry of language, imagery, and song. A heightened and enhanced form of oral tradition that transcends time and, sometimes, culture.  As an actor and a photographer, I pride myself on my intuitive connection to the stage and my ability to create a wide range of dynamic images. I'm so proud to have photographed the productions on my roll so far. If you're interested in having your play photographed, send me a message. I'd love to hear from you.


Follow my theatrical, engagement, and portrait photography shenanigans on Instagram: @forthestage